Probably insane, most likely misunderstood...
Feminist friendly alternative to Zero Suit Samus’ heels





If they’re seriously whining about Samus’ suit having high heels, aren’t they then trying to distance being tough and capable from being feminine?  Doesn’t that go against the very heart of their ideals to suggest that someone can’t be a competent fighter, yet still maintain their femininity?

Also, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what Samus wears.  She’ll still kick ass in it.

She’s SAMUS.

^Preach sister.


I honestly didn’t blame them for that.

Needs Superwholock on there.

Needs Superwholock on there.

"Irrelevant shit" I was talking about your rants and replies. They are representative of your intellect. Unless if you don't give a shit, but then you wouldn't reply to everything instead of ignoring it. "Heaven forbid someone be a unique, multi-faceted individual, and not tai-" Copout, copout shut the fuck up. That's not what I meang by a fucking longshot. I told you to get your shit together (since you seemed cool) instead of ego-stroking all the fucking time like hypocrite you are.


Well, excuse me for giving a damn about the alarming downturn of today’s social and political climate.

I’m sorry if I’m tired of standing idly by, and watching others being stomped into the dirt over imaginary “oppression”.  I deeply apologize that I don’t feel right seeing otherwise good intentions being used for anything but the causes they stand for.

Tumblr has turned into Scum Town, and I’m the Hobo with the Shotgun.  I may have wanted to just buy my lawnmower and be on my way, but I’m fed up with watching what used to be an open, welcoming community deteriorate into nothing short of a dictatorship under martial law.  I’m tired of this political mine field that makes others afraid to even joke about something, lest they be deemed as “gross”, “trash”, or “literal garbage”.  I’m tired of being told what I can and can’t say, because it might “offend” someone, as if their feelings are anyone’s problem but their own.

I don’t enjoy any of it.  Honestly, I would love to go back to 2010 Tumblr, when people actually accepted others as they were, without trying to inflict limitations on how they’re allowed to express their humanity.  I speak up because I can.  Because not enough people are.  I know I’m not the only voice, nor do I want to be.  If you think I like being a lightning rod of hate, you’ve got a pretty funny idea about what ego-stroking really means.  But, every fire needs a spark.  It needs air, and it needs kindling - otherwise, there is no fire.

All of this mess started because people became too comfortable with acceptance.  They became complacent, then arrogant, and then belligerent.  The world is not an accepting place, and it’s not going to change itself for these people.  It’s about time we start reminding ourselves of that.  We can’t change the entire world, but we can sure as Hell change how we treat one another.


ok but imagine

you’re sitting in the audience of a lets play panel at a con

it’s about to start and the let’s players are seating themselves

there’s game grumps, markiplier, tobuscus, and an unfamiliar face

as they’re settling in and checking their mics, the man nobody recognizes says

"what’s up everybody it’s cr1tikal"

the entire audience shits their collective pants

the panel ends immediately

there are no survivors


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)